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Immunet 7.3: free Cloud protection

Immunet 7.3: free Cloud protection

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Immunet is one of the best free anti-virus programs because it is constantly connected to the Internet and does not need updates to protect you.

What does this mean;

Immunet is a malware protection system that uses cloud computing to provide improved community-level security. In a nutshell, the app connects to Cloud and receives the latest updates from it, including notifications from an entire community.vpn security - Immunet 7.3: free Cloud protection

The Immunet community.

Each additional member of the community enhances the data analysis of the Immunet application, helping it to provide a more up-to-date and comprehensive protection. Once a member of the community comes in contact with a virus or malware, the Immunet application automatically adds protection to the rest of the community.


The application works on Windows 10 up to ancient Windows XP. According to the company, it detects viruses, worms, bots, spyware, keyloggers and Trojans in real time, without ever downloading any updates.

It can work alongside other antivirus programs, and this is very encouraging for those who want, in addition to the classic applications receiving updates, to have real-time Cloud protection.

Immunet has the free antivirus engine used by the Linux platform, ClamAV for offline scanning.


Provides smart scans to detect viruses, spyware, bots, worms, etc.
You do not need to download updates because it's always connected to the Internet
Customer support free of charge
It supports offline scanning via ClamAV and has option for scheduled scans
It installs in 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows
Uses little system resources

You can download the free application from the link below:


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