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Lazybee: Create Wordlist in Termux

Lazybee: Create Wordlist in Termux

Lazybee is a python-based script in which you can create random word lists for brutefocre attacks.

This tool has unique features, such as a word list that generates time calculation and immediate storage of .txt in the current folder.

It also works on both rooted Android devices and rootless devices.

lazybee 5 - Lazybee: Create Wordlist in Termux



$ apt-get update -y
$ apt-get upgrade -y
$ pkg install python -y 
$ pkg install python2 -y
$ pkg install git -y
$ pip install requests
$ pip install random
$ git clone https://github.com/noob-hackers/lazybee


$ cd lazybee
$ python2 lazybee.py

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