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Snyk Find and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies

Snyk Find and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies

Snyk helps you find, fix, and monitor known vulnerabilities in Node.js npm, Ruby, and Java dependencies, both on an ad hoc basis and as part of the CI (Build) system.

logo blackSnyk - Snyk Find and fix vulnerabilities in open source kits


  • Find known vulnerabilities while performing it snick  in a project or as wizard, either as part of the CI process.
  • Fix them vulnerabilities using  the snyk driver and  snyk protection.
    • The snyk guide guides you in finding and repairing known vulnerabilities in your project. Recovery options include configuring your policy file for updates, auto-repair, and ignoring vulnerabilities. (npm only)
    • The snyk protection protects your code from vulnerabilities by applying code updates and optionally removing specific vulnerabilities.
  • The notification snyk monitor  logs dependency status and vulnerabilities to snyk.io so you can be notified when new vulnerabilities or patches / patches are discovered that affect your repositories.
    • Prevent adding new vulnerable dependencies to your project by running a  snyk test as part of your CI for test failures when adding vulnerable Node.js or Ruby dependencies.


  1. Install the Snyk utility using  npm install -g snyk.
  2. Once installed, you will need to authenticate with your Snyk account:  snyk auth

For more details on authentication, take a look at  CLI authentication of Snyk.


Package definition is optional. If no package is provided, Snyk will execute the command in the current task list, allowing you to try out non-public applications.

$ snyk test
 High severity vulnerability found on [email protected]0.3.0
- desc: Regular Expression Denial of Service
- ROAD: https://snick.io/vuln/npm:minimatch:20160620
- from: [email protected]2.1.17 > [email protected]3.8.8 > [email protected]0.12.1 > findup-[email protected]0.1.3 > [email protected]3.2.11 > [email protected]0.3.0
Upgrade direct dependency [email protected]3.8.8 to [email protected]3.8.11 (triggers upgrades to [email protected]2.2.0 > findup-[email protected]0.3.0 > [email protected]5.0.15 > [email protected]3.0.2)

 Medium severity vulnerability found on [email protected]2.11.1
- desc: Regular Expression Denial of Service
- ROAD: https://snick.io/vuln/npm:moment:20161019
- from: [email protected]2.1.17 > [email protected]2.11.1
Upgrade direct dependency [email protected]2.11.1 to [email protected]2.15.2

 Medium severity vulnerability found on [email protected]0.10.1
- desc: Root Path Disclosure
- ROAD: https://snick.io/vuln/npm:send:20151103
- from: [email protected]2.1.17 > serve-[email protected]1.7.1 > [email protected]0.10.1
Upgrade direct dependency serve-[email protected]1.7.1 to serve-[email protected]1.8.1 (triggers upgrades to [email protected]0.11.1)


Video guide


Application snapshots

68747470733a2f2f69332e7974696d672e636f6d2f76692f346e673575734d366664382f6d617872657364656661756c742e6a7067 500x281 - Snyk Finding and correcting vulnerabilities in dependencies


Instructions on how to install and use the program, you will find here.



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