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Use emoji in file or folder names

Use emoji in file or folder names

Emoji are being released more and more lately. You can use them in almost any application on your computer.

What's new is that you can also use them as file and folder names in Windows 10.emoji - Use emoji in file or folder names

This is possible due to the built-in emoji selection function in Windows 10. To open this function you must press the two Windows + keys. (dot) or Windows +? (semicolon.)

Add an emoji to a file name in Windows 10 using File Explorer.

To "write" an emoji to a file or folder name, simply press the keyboard shortcut while renaming the file or folder and a selection window will open.

Search for the emoji you want, for example, type "hat" to display hat-emoji and use your mouse to click on the one you like or to scroll through the list.emoji 1 - Use emoji in file or folder names

All this is possible due to Unicode. Unicode contains "characters for all the writing systems in the world, modern and ancient," according to The Unicode Consortium. Includes emoji and many other symbols.

You will notice that emoji in file and folder names do not appear in color as they do elsewhere in Windows.

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