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What is the fastest Browser?

What is the fastest Browser?

The browser is one of the most important programs on our computer. Which browser has the best performance?

Let's look at the title contenders in order of popularity. First comes Google Chrome 84, followed by Microsoft Edge 84, which recently started using Google's open source Chromium browser.

browsers - What is the fastest Browser?

Believe it or not, Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is the next most popular web browser in Windows 10. But we will not include it in this test as Microsoft prepares to withdraw it. If you are still using IE, change your browser. No matter what you choose, it will definitely be better.

After IE comes Mozilla Firefox 79. Although it is still a leader in innovation, fewer and fewer use it. Today, only 3,3% of all users use Firefox.

This is followed by Opera 68, followed by Brave 1.11. Finally, there is Vivaldi 3.1. started by Opera developers. All of these browsers use Chromium code.

Yes correctly. All of these browsers, except Firefox, are essentially something like siblings. If you now think that this means that they have the same performance, you are wrong.

JetSteam Test 2

The test JetSteam 2.0, consists of 64 smaller trials. It is a benchmark suite for JavaScript and WebAssembly that focuses on advanced web applications. Rewards browsers that start quickly, execute code quickly, and run smoothly. Higher scores are better.

The top scorer in JetStream was Brave with 101.185. Right behind him were Chrome, with 99.97 and Vivaldi, with 99.329. Just behind the top three was Opera with 98.688. Then Edge with a score of 94.967 and the real surprise was Firefox which was left behind with 8.229.

Kraken 1.1

This benchmark is based in SunSpider, and measures JavaScript performance. Mozilla was the one who created Kraken. With this benchmark, the lower the score, the better the result.

Unsurprisingly, Firefox took first place here at 1.085,8 milliseconds (ms). Then came Opera with 1.085,8 ms, Brave with 1.104.5 ms. and Chrome with 1,131,1 ms. Then there comes the Edge with 1,192,7 ms and, in last place, the Vivaldi with 1,201,5 ms.

Octane 2.0

The Octane 2.0, is Google's JavaScript benchmark, and is no longer supported, but is still useful for testing scripts in interactive web applications. In this benchmark, the higher the score, the better.

In the Google benchmark, Chrome came first with a score of 38.652. Just behind in second place was Brave with 38.615. Third is Vivaldi with 37.836, which surpassed Opera with 37.822. Edge was behind with 36.497, but in last place, you will find Firefox with 30.719.

WebXPRT 3.0

The latest version of it WebXPRT is arguably the best browser benchmark available today. Developed by benchmark professionals at Principled Technology.

WebXPRT uses scripts created to reflect everyday tasks. These include photo enhancement, album organization, stock pricing options, local notes, sales charts, and DNA sequencing. Here, the higher the score, the better the browser.

In this benchmark, Firefox shines. He was easily the winner with a score of 176. Following are: Vivaldi with 157, Opera with 155, Brave with 154 and Chrome with 152. Edge took 142 and is in last place.

HTML web template 5

You might think that by 2020, every browser will conform to the HTML 5 web template, which became a model in 2014.
You are wrong. This "test" is not a benchmark. It just shows how close each browser is to HTML 5. A perfect score that no one had would be 550.

Microsoft, which used to be great by the standards, got the highest score with 532. Then there is a four-way tie for second place, with Brave, Chrome, Opera, and Vivaldi at 528. place, believe it or not, is Firefox with 514.

So which browser is the fastest? All browsers: Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi have strong tracks. Edge, however, does not seem to be performing so well. This may be because Microsoft is still developing a new version of Chrome-based Edge. Over time, we may see better results.

I have been using Firefox for years and I will not change it. If you are happy using any browser, keep using it.


The tests were performed by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of ZDNet.

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