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PCILeech: Direct Memory Access (DMA) Software

PCILeech: Direct Memory Access (DMA) Software

PCILeech uses PCIe devices to read and write from system memory. This is achieved by using DMA via PCIe. No drivers are required for the destination system.

PCILeech supports many hardware. Currently, only USB3380 is available to the public. The USB3380 can read 4 GB native memory, but can read all memory if a kernel unit (KMD) is first inserted into the kernel of the destination system.

gh ac701 pcileech main - PCILeech: Instant Memory Access (DMA) Software

PCILeech is capable of inserting a wide range of plug-ins into the kernel, allowing easy access to the active ram and file system via a "mount drive".

It is also possible to remove the login password requirement, load unsigned drivers, execute code and system shell. PCIleech runs on Windows / Linux / Android. Supported target systems are currently x64 versions of UEFI, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and Windows.


  • Memory recovery from the destination system at> 150MB / s.
  • Write data to the destination system memory.
  • You can access the 4 GB memory in native DMA mode.
  • ALL memory can be accessed if the kernel unit (KMD) is loaded.
  • Insert RAM as a file [Linux, Windows, macOS].
  • Attach file system as a drive [Linux, Windows, macOS].
  • Run the kernel code on the destination system.
  • Spawn System Shell [Windows].
  • Create anything executable [Windows].
  • Loading unsigned drivers [Windows].
  • Download files [Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, macOS].
  • Patch / Unlock (remove password requirement) [Windows, macOS].
  • Easy creation of your own shell in the kernel and / or custom signatures.


git clone https://github.com/ufrisk/pcileech.git


The Google Android USB Driver must also be installed. Download Google Android USB Driver from  http://developer.android.com/sdk/win-usb.html#download

Unzip it and open Device Manager. Right click on the computer, choose to add old hardware. Select manual installation of the hardware. Click Have Disk. Go to the Android driver, select android_winusb.inf and install it.

To attach Live ram and a destination file system as a drive to Windows, the Dokany file system library must be installed. Download and install the latest version of Dokany from  address https://github.com/dokan-dev/dokany/releases/latest

Linux and Android

See the PCILeech-on- guide Linux for information about running PCILeech on Linux or PCILeech-on- Android for Android.

Application snapshots

gh dump - PCILeech: Direct Memory Access (DMA) Software

gh shadow - PCILeech: Instant Memory Access (DMA) Software

Information on using the program, you will find here.

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