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Goscan: Interactive network scanner

Goscan: Interactive network scanner

The GoScan is an interactive, auto-complete network scanner that provides automation via nmap.
goscan logo - Goscan: Interactive network scanner
GoScan is also particularly suitable for unstable environments, as it enables scans and maintains their status in a SQLite database.
Scans run in the background, so even if you lose the connection to the framework running GoScan, the results can be downloaded asynchronously. That is, the data can be entered into GoScan at different stages of the process, without the need to restart the entire process from scratch if something goes wrong.
In addition, Service Enumeration incorporates a collection of other tools (eg EyeWitness, Hydra, nikto, etc.) for each customized target selection in a specific service.

# Linux (64bit)
$ wget https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan/releases/download/v2.4/goscan_2.4_linux_amd64.zip
$ unzip goscan_2.4_linux_amd64.zip

# Linux (32bit)
$ wget https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan/releases/download/v2.4/goscan_2.4_linux_386.zip
$ unzip goscan_2.4_linux_386.zip

# After that, place the executable in your PATH
$ chmod + x goscan
$ sudo mv ./goscan / usr / local / bin / goscan

Application snapshots
goscan 780x405 1 - Goscan: Interactive network scanner
goscan process - Goscan: Interactive network scanner

1. Loading targets
  • Add only one target via CLI (must be valid CIDR): load target SINGLE
  • Upload multiple targets from one text file or folder: load target MULTI
2. Host discovery
  • Scan Ping: sweep
  • Ή loading results from a previous discovery:
    • Add a live host via CLI (must be / 32): load alive SINGLE
    • Upload multiple live hosts from one text file or folder: load alive MULTI
3. Door scan
  • Scan a port: portscan
  • Ή upload nmap results from XML files or folder: load portscan
4. Counting services
  • Dry Run (show commands only, without execution): enumerate DRY
  • List the detected services: enumerate
5. Special scans
  • Eyewitness
    • Get screenshots of websites, RDP services and open VNC servers (KALI ONLY): special eyewitness
    • EyeWitness.py must be in the system path
  • Extract domain information (Windows) from enumeration data
    • special domain
  • DNS
    • DNS count (nmap, dnsrecon, dnsenum): special dns DISCOVERY
    • Bruteforce DNS: special dns BRUTEFORCE
    • Reverse Bruteforce DNS: special dns BRUTEFORCE_REVERSE
  • Show results: show
  • Automatically configure settings by loading a configuration file: set config_file
  • Change the output folder (by default ~ / goscan): set output_folder
  • Modify the default nmap switches: set nmap_switches
  • Modify the default word lists: set_wordlists

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