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Ministry of Labor: Hacked by the Turk RootAyyildiz

Ministry of Labor: Hacked by the Turk RootAyyildiz

Turkish hackers attacked the website of the Greek Ministry of Labor. The ministry page is still offline for "maintenance".Screenshot 2020 08 14 19 28 35 - Ministry of Labor: Hacked by the Turk RootAyyildiz

According to the message left by the "Turkish Defacer RootAyyildiz" group, the attack on the ministry was due to Oruc Reis. The Turk seems to have made a deface, that is, he changed the "front" of the page as you can see below by adding his message.

hackers ye - Ministry of Labor: Hacked by Turkish RootAyyildiz

"For every attack on Oruc Reis, you will have an answer on the internet," the hackers said.

Like us reported a friend of iGuRu.gr, which monitors the hack, on our Facebook page the Ministry page once falls and rises,

What happened guys with the pages of the Ministry of Labor? The Turks drop one of them and put their own message today, the administrator deletes it and restores the page. then the Turks spoiled it again and put the same message. and continue ping pong!

What does this mean; The administrator of the Ministry's page restores and restores the page, without having located where the hacker enters!

Meanwhile Google metadata still shows the hack

Screenshot 2020 08 14 19 45 12 - Ministry of Labor: Hacked by the Turk RootAyyildiz

The Ministry has not issued any announcement, probably because it is trying to collect the uncollected. As for the Oruc Reis, we will probably see it make the barren line λίγο

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