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Toyota Greece Hacked Turkish hackers in Toyota defense

Toyota Greece Hacked Turkish hackers in Toyota defense

The cyber war with the Turks continues. Today a group of Turkish hackers (LinuxLov3r & Bozkurt34 & ZeroTolerance) violated or rather to put it more correctly, changed the appearance of the page of a Toyota subdomain in Greece.

Greek hackers, DDoSing of Turkish websites will not make you great hackers
Makes you worse than lamers!
You did not deface a global company in Turkey. We did it in Greece in just one hour.
We have been doing this since 2014, while you are learning how to use the computer.
If you continue to practice lamerism, we will continue to attack global organizations in your country.
Toyota users in Greece we have all your data and maybe we share it. I hope you like it :)

We are Turkish Hackers!

tourk toyota - Toyota Greece Hacked Turkish hackers in Toyota defense

OK, let's see what they want to tell us: Greeks are not good hackers, and they are better. The deface has been performed in a subdomain of the website toyota.gr (http://cc.toyota.gr/), which is not even encrypted.
So the Turkish hackers had nothing to do with any site that is seriously interested in security.
As for the data they claim to have, they have not given any proof (poc) that they actually have it.

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