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ESET Threat Report for the second quarter of 2020

ESET Threat Report for the second quarter of 2020

ESET has published the Q2 2020 ESET Threat Report for the 2nd Quarter of 2020, which summarizes the key statistics and key findings from ESET cyber security surveys, as well as new data published for the first time.

According to the Q2 2020 ESET Threat Report, the threats associated with the COVID-19 pandemic defined the cybersecurity landscape in the second quarter of 2020.

ESET Q2 2020 Threat Report - ESET Threat Report for the second quarter of 2020

"ESET telemetry data showed a steady increase in the number of COVID-19-related attacks carried out over the internet and via email. "The number of attacks via Remote Desktop (RDP) protocol has also increased, with persistent efforts to establish RDP connections more than doubling since the beginning of the year," said Roman Kováč, ESET Chief Research Officer.

The Q2 2020 ESET Threat Report examines the most important findings and successes of ESET researchers. For example, the company's researchers studied a ransomware company targeting Android users in Canada under the guise of an official COVID-19 contact detection application. "We immediately stopped this operation in order to offer a decryptor tool to those who had fallen victim to this attack," says Roman Kováč.

ESET investigators also identified Operation In (ter) ception, which carries out targeted attacks against well-known aerospace and defense companies. At the same time, they uncovered how the InvisiMole malware family operated and studied Ramsay, a cyber espionage toolkit targeting isolated air networks.
Some exclusive research presented in the Q2 2020 ESET Threat Report includes malicious Google Chrome extensions targeting hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, a new targeted attack on a University of Hong Kong by cybercriminals, and other Win Targeted attacks on defense companies in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Qatar, Turkey and Ukraine by cybercriminals behind Operation In (ter) ception.

In addition to these findings, Q2 2020 ESET Threat Report includes an overview of ESET's contribution to the MITER ATT & CK knowledge base as well as invitations to upcoming ESET conference talks and workshops.

You can read the whole report here ESET Threat Report Q2 2020 (PDF).

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