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Google Autofill with biometric support on Android

Google Autofill with biometric support on Android

Google has released biometric authentication by automatically completing login credentials on Android. Android has had Google autofill for a few years now, but the app was less secure, as Google never asked for biometric verification or a password before filling in the details.

So one could easily use the autocomplete feature to connect to applications and services on an unlocked device.android - Google Autofill with biometric support on Android

With a recent update to Play Services from the server, Google has made biometric authentication available for autocomplete. The function is possible from Android 10 and newer devices.

The function is hidden in Settings

Settings -> Google -> Auto-fill -> Auto-fill with Google -> Auto-fill security

Here, you will find the option to switch between biometric authentication for login credentials, although it is enabled by default on the Galaxy S20 +.

Here is a quick video from Android Police showing the feature:

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