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YTS: provided user data to a law firm

YTS: provided user data to a law firm

The administrator of YTS, which is now the second largest torrent site in the world, provided data of the site users to a law firm that had undertaken to discover copyright infringers.

Sites like Pirate Bay are known to store IP addresses and other data from their users, such as their emails. Users of course hope that this data is secure. yts - YTS: provided user data to a law firm

So today TorrentFreak published evidence that shows that YTS did not respect the privacy of its users.

YTS Senthal site administrator Vijay Segaran appears to have begun working with major law firm Culpepper, providing email and IP addresses to document lawsuits filed against "pirates" in the United States.

In addition, the information was allegedly used for e-mail threats to alleged YTS users, demanding multi-cash settlements to avoid possible criminal prosecution.

TorrentFreak today unveiled one such email sent by Culpepper to an alleged YTS user. He cites all the information he has about that user, he goes on to say that the law firm filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in a Hawaiian court on behalf of its clients and then obtained the information from many users from the administrator of the YTS website.

"These include yours"

Note that although they have user data there is no usable evidence that someone downloaded the torrent to their computer, except perhaps the .torrent file which is not illegal as it only contains metadata, ie data that describes other data.

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