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Microsoft Flight Sim: Fly into Hurricane Laura

Microsoft Flight Sim: Fly into Hurricane Laura

Hundreds of players of Microsoft's free Flight Simulator game flew into Hurricane Laura thanks to the game's online weather simulation.

Flight sim - Microsoft Flight Sim: Fly into Hurricane Laura

Lovers of Flight Sim They "flew" under difficult conditions, from the security of their homes, exploring Hurricane Laura. As the devastating hurricane made landfall off the coast of America yesterday, the Flight Sim community activated the Live Weather simulation and went to Hurricane Laura.

Reddit user SirCashRegister posted a picture from the game world, just outside Texas. In its post you will see the map of Texas, as well as several small green dots, representing the players who pilot the virtual trip in the same area.

The team of virtual pilots undoubtedly saw some of the most beautiful images that Flight Sim can provide. THE Reddit user JKeith26 gave us a beautiful orange sky that pierced the deadly clouds. While Hurricane Laura was devastating to those on land, the colored clouds were unquestionably spectacular. Of course and others users sent various stunning photos.

As far as navigation is concerned…. Despite the fact that the online weather of Microsoft Flight Simulator drastically reduces the speeds of the hurricanes you encounter, the smaller virtual aircraft, according to the testimonies, had problems in navigation.

Watch a video here from the virtual entrance to Hurricane Laura.

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