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Stellar Data Recovery: Free file recovery from Android

Stellar Data Recovery: Free file recovery from Android

Stellar Data Recovery is a free Android mobile app that can restore deleted files from inside your smartphone.

stellar data recovery - Stellar Data Recovery: Free file recovery from Android

Have you ever had to delete a photo from your cell phone and then regret it? If you were on a Windows or Linux computer things would be easy, because there are a lot of free file recovery programs on the market, even the Windows have built-in software. On mobile phones the corresponding free ones are with the dropper. One such free program for Android is Stellar Data Recovery.

Stellar is a data recovery software for Android (free) and iOS (paid for $ 39,99). For Android, you can retrieve data items like messages, documents, chats, call history, contacts, WhatsApp multimedia, videos, photos and audio. It can scan and recover deleted or formatted data from internal storage on over 6.000 Android phones and tablets running at least Android 4.0.

The software allows you to scan a file preview so you can check the details before retrieving them. It even lets you view contact information, rotate your pictures, and read conversations to make sure they are what you want to keep.

Although Stellar does not say why it made the Android version free, and chose to charge for the iPhone version, it is still one of the cheapest options for the iPhone as a whole. The latest version of Stellar is compatible with PCs running Windows 7 and above and Android 4.0 Lollipop and above. You do not need to have root access on your phone.

Could you download from here.

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