Attacks on over 300.000 vulnerable WordPress pages

Attackers take advantage of a critical remote code execution flaw that affects over 600.000 WordPress sites. The vulnerability we mentioned in a previous publication and concerns websites that run vulnerable versions of the File Manager plugin.

Screenshot 2020 09 11 Hackers are fighting a war over 300K vulnerable WordPress sites - Attacks on over 300.000 vulnerable WordPress pages

Critical vulnerability allows unauthorized users to upload malicious PHP files and run malicious code. The File Manager developer team addressed the issue with the release of File Manager 6.9.

Although the flaw was fixed immediately when developers were notified by Seravo security chief Ville Korhonen, who discovered the 0day and the ongoing attacks that were trying to exploit it, researchers from the security company Defiant identified more than 1,7 million vulnerable 1st to 3rd of September.

In an updated report released today, Defiant threat analyst Ram Gall states that hackers have not stopped their "siege", and the total number of WordPress sites they target has reached 2,6 million.

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