Eagle: Another Vulnerability Scanner

Project Eagle is a plugin-based vulnerability scanner used to detect low-severity errors.

Eagle - Eagle: Another Vulnerability Scanner


  1. Python> = 3.6
  2. Install python libraries

$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

  1. Works on Windows and Linux


Attack online target
$ python3 main.py -f domains.txt –ping
Basic use
$ python3 main.py -f domains.txt
Advanced use
$ python3 main.py -f domains.txt -w 10 –db output.db.json


  1. CRLF
  2. Sensitive files eg (.git, info.php ..)
  3. Subdomain takeover
  4. Anonymous FTP login
  5. S3 buckets misconfiguration including automatic takeover and upload
  6. HTTP Request Sumggling
  7. Firebase database misconfiguration
  8. Senstive information disclosure eg (API Keys, Secrets ..) including JS files and HTML pages
  9. Missing SPF Records
  10. Path Traversal
  11. PHP-CGI - CVE_2012_1823
  12. Shell Shock - CVE_2014_6271
  13. Struts RCE - CVE_2018_11776
  14. WebLogic RCE - CVE_2019_2725
  15. Confluence LFI - CVE_2019_3396
  16. Ruby on Rails LFI - CVE_2019_5418
  17. Atlassian SSRF - CVE_2019_8451
  18. Apache Httpd mod_rewrite - CVE_2019_10098

You can download the program from here.

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