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Microsoft kills Internet Explorer

Microsoft kills Internet Explorer

Microsoft takes further steps to kill old Internet Explorer for new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

Screenshot 2020 10 26 Microsoft begins to finally kill off Internet Explorer - Microsoft kills Internet Explorer

Microsoft has been advising users to switch to Internet Explorer for years, but it still has a market share of almost 5% in browser usage.

But soon Microsoft will take more active steps to cut off access to Internet Explorer.

An attempt to unhook Internet Explorer has already taken action, such as when Internet Explorer visits a site that is incompatible, Microsoft automatically opens Microsoft Edge and tries to continue browsing through it.

Η list of incompatible sites with Internet Explorer currently contains 1.156 websites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, ESPN, Yahoo Mail and many more.

This redirect is done through an Internet Explorer browser help service called "IEtoEdge BHO", which is installed here: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application \ [Edge_version] \ BHO.

While browsing the web, BHO will check if a site is compatible with Internet Explorer. If not, BHO will automatically open the site in Microsoft Edge, which will display a message saying, "This site does not work with Internet Explorer!" as shown below.

internet explorer 1 - Microsoft kills Internet Explorer

At the same time, Microsoft Edge will also ask users to migrate Internet Explorer settings, data, and cookies to Microsoft Edge.

In addition to redirects, Microsoft also plans to turn off Internet Explorer support for various services offered by Microsoft.

In emails to corporate customers, Microsoft warns that from November 13, Internet Explorer will no longer be linked to Microsoft accounts.

In a blog post in August, Microsoft also stated that Microsoft Teams would no longer support Internet Explorer 11 from 30 November.

Microsoft will finally end all support for Internet Explorer in all its services on August 17, 2021.

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