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Wi-Ploit: WiFi Exploitation Tool

Wi-Ploit: WiFi Exploitation Tool

Wi-Ploit is a library of Wi-Fi exploitation tools. Allows you to perform a series of attacks by wifi injection.

WifiExploit - Wi-Ploit: WiFi Exploitation Tool

Recommended Wireless Adapters Chipsets

* Atheros: ATH9KHTC (AR9271, AR7010)
Tested: AR9271 (AWUS036NHA)

* Ralink: RT3070

* Realtek: RTL8192CU


  • Kali Linux OS or Ubuntu 18.04 OS
  • External Wireless Adapters


  1. git clone https://github.com/Johnler/Wi-Ploit.git
  2. cd Wi-Ploit /
  3. chmod + x Installer
  4. ./Installer
  5. chmod + x wiploit
  6. ./wiploit


  1. Rogue Access Point (hostapd).
  2. Rogue Access Point (hostapd-mana).
  3. WPS attack (Reaver) * Upcoming.

You can download the program from here.

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