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Microsoft Defender ATP with reports of vulnerable devices

Microsoft Defender ATP with reports of vulnerable devices

The Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) endpoint security platform now provides administrators with a new report designed to help them monitor vulnerable Windows and macOS devices that are connected to their organization's environment.

Microsoft Defender - Microsoft Defender ATP with reports of vulnerable devices

Vulnerable Devices Report displays graphs with statistics and details of current vulnerable device trends with the ultimate goal of making it easier for administrators to understand the extent of device exposure within the organization.Screenshot 2020 10 29 06 19 13 - Microsoft Defender ATP with reports of vulnerable devices

"You can filter data by levels of vulnerability severity, exploit availability, vulnerability age, operating system platform, version of Windows 10 or device group," says Microsoft.

"If there is something you want to explore further, select the relevant graph to see a filtered list of devices on the devices page. From there, you can extract the list. ”

Screenshot 2020 10 29 06 20 11 - Microsoft Defender ATP with reports of vulnerable devices

Among the information that administrators can draw from this new Microsoft Defender ATP report (recently renamed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint), Microsoft states:

  • Device vulnerability severity levels (eg all devices with critical vulnerabilities)
  • Device exploit availability (eg all devices with exploit)
  • Age of device vulnerabilities (eg devices with vulnerabilities published 90 days ago)
  • Vulnerable devices from the operating system
  • Vulnerable devices from the Windows 10 version

For example, the severity graph will show the number of devices based on the most serious vulnerability identified for each of them, while the exploit availability graph will show the number of vulnerable devices based on the severity of known exploits.

The new reporting feature is in public preview as of today, and administrators can access it by going to Reports> Vulnerable Devices in the Microsoft Defender Security Center after switching their operating system to preview features.

Starting in July, Microsoft Defender ATP also added the Microsoft Secure Score for Devices feature that can assess the collective state of device security settings on a corporate network.

This feature detects unprotected systems and provides suggested actions to increase an organization's security.

A detailed description of the procedure that should be followed to address the issues identified by Microsoft Secure Score is available here.

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