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EarlyBird: tool for detecting sensitive data

EarlyBird: tool for detecting sensitive data

EarlyBird is a data detection tool capable of scanning source code repositories for password breaches, PIIs, obsolete encryption methods, master files and more. It can be used to scan remote git repositories, local files or directories or as a pre-commitment step.

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Linux and Mac
[pastacode manual = ”.% 2Fbuild.sh% 20% 26% 26% 20.% 2Finstall.sh” provider = ”manual” lang = ”php” /]Windows
[pastacode manual = ”build.bat% 20% 26% 26% 20install.bat” provider = ”manual” lang = ”php” /]


To start a basic EarlyBird scan in a directory:
[pastacode manual=”%24%20go-earlybird%20–path%3D%2Fpath%2Fto%2Fdirectory%0D%0A” provider=”manual” lang=”php”/] [pastacode manual=”%24%20go-earlybird.exe%20–path%3DC%3A%5Cpath%5Cto%5Cdirectory%0D%0A” provider=”manual” lang=”php”/]
or to scan a remote repo git:
[pastacode manual=”%24%20go-earlybird%20–git%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Famericanexpress%2Fearlybird%0D%0A” provider=”manual” lang=”php”/]



You can download the program from here.

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