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Tempomail email in 1 second to receive messages

Tempomail email in 1 second to receive messages

Tempomail is a standalone binary that allows you to create a temporary email address in 1 second and receive emails. Uses the 1secmail API. There are no dependencies!

demo - Tempomail email in 1 second to receive messages


From Binary

download the pre-built binaries for different platforms from the official website. Unzip using tar, move it to $ PATH and you're ready to go.

▶ # download release from https://github.com/kavishgr/tempomail/releases/
▶ tar -xzvf linux-amd64-tempomail.tgz
V mv tempomail / usr / local / bin /
▶ tempomail -h

From Github

git clone https://github.com/kavishgr/tempomail.git
cd tempomail
go build.
mv tempomail / usr / local / bin / #OR $ HOME / go / bin
tempomail -h


By default all emails are saved in / tmp / 1secmails /. There is only one flag-path to define the folder where you want to save your emails:

Using tempomail:

-path string
specify directory to store emails (default “/ tmp / 1secmails /”)

Press CTRL + c or SIGTERM to quit and delete all received emails.

Download Tempomail

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