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Microsoft Office 2010 continued support from 0Patch

Microsoft Office 2010 continued support from 0Patch

Support for Microsoft Office 2010 expired in October 2020. Microsoft released the latest security updates for Office 2010 on October 13, 2020, before changing the status of the application to unsupported.

Of course, not all Office 2010 clients will stop using the application, and it is very likely that Office 2010 vulnerabilities will be identified in the future that could leave their systems open to attacks targeting unrepaired vulnerabilities.office 2010 - Microsoft Office 2010 continued support from 0Patch

Microsoft does not offer extensive security updates (ESUs) for Office 2010 that extend support for corporate and business clients.

0Patch, a security company that developed a micro-patching solution, said it would release security updates for Microsoft Office 2010 after the end of support, as it does for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 systems.

The company plans to offer the service only to paying customers. It is a different approach from the micropatches of Windows 7 that the company releases for free to all users.

The requirements for receiving post-service updates for Office 2010 are:

  • A fully updated installation of Office 2010.
  • Install 0Patch Agent on devices running Office 2010 and sign up for Agent on a 0Patch account.
  • 0Patch Pro or 0Patch Enterprise licenses. (Pro license starts from € 22,95 + VAT per computer and year, and is also available to home users).
  • Your Office 2010 device must be connected to a 0Patch server.

The company plans to support Office 2010 until October 2021, but may expand support if there is enough interest from customers.

Of course we do not recommend the above solution when you can have very cheap licenses for the new Microsoft Office.

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