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Distance learning: Cisco claimed responsibility for Webex malfunction

Distance learning: Cisco claimed responsibility for Webex malfunction

Cisco took responsibility for the malfunction of the Webex platform that today affected e-learning both in Greece and in other European countries.

computer - Distance learning: Cisco claimed responsibility for Webex malfunction

Cisco Greece-Cyprus-Malta Communications and Marketing Director Elena Prassaki accepted full responsibility for fiasco of today's first application of e-learning. He stated that Cisco has restored the operation of the Webex service, which today affected for a short time (!!) a limited number of users in the EMEAR region (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia).

Our research shows that the children of the Gymnasium and Lyceum managed to connect to Webex only in the first hour of the school distance education, as after that the service collapsed.

Ms. Prassaki added that Cisco continues to evolve its systems and processes to mitigate the likelihood of similar events in the future. Thank you Webex users for their patience in resolving this issue.

computer anger frustration - Distance learning: Cisco takes responsibility for Webex malfunction

From the side of students and parents, however, the internet "celebrated" the first and failed attempt of the State machine for school distance learning, with various and imaginative texts and photos. Indicative of Greek humor we read:

"It was a webex and it became a web-ex"

"Of course tomorrow they will tell us that Netflix and Facebook are to blame"

"Did the children try to hit the router to get into e-learning or do they expect everything from the state?" In the old days, when the remote control did not work or the TV did not play, we would throw some carpets and they would work. Useless generations, do not shake their hand a little. "

"They did so well with the masks that I really wonder what went wrong with distance learning."

Speaking on public television, the Deputy Minister of Education, Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, also attributed the problems to a technical issue of the Webex platform (of the Cisco company) and clarified that the current absences are not counted.

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