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Google and OVHcloud: Cloud for the European market

Google and OVHcloud: Cloud for the European market

Google and OVHcloud have launched a partnership to create new cloud solutions for the European market.

The new collaboration announced today Tuesday, by OVHcloud and stated that the "strategic partnership" will focus on developing products suitable for Europe 's strict data security and privacy requirements, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).cloud servers - Google and OVHcloud: Cloud for the European market

Google is a major provider of cloud solutions worldwide, but OVHcloud also has many customers, especially in Europe. The French company already has over 400.000 servers and 31 data centers.

OVHcloud will develop a new "Hosted Private Cloud" service, based on the integration of Google's Anthos into its own infrastructure, which will be managed by the French cloud provider.

"We are excited to be signing our first such partnership with OVHcloud," said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

"Listening to our customers, partners and policymakers in Europe, we understand their need for even greater control and autonomy. We deal with it in many ways and we look forward to continuing to implement our commitments to our customers in this way. "

Let me mention that OVH started sometime in 2000 as a financial server company, for French citizens. Initially you could not get a server from the company if you were not French.
It gradually expanded and allowed the distribution of servers outside France, initially with partner distributors (see kimsufi).
Today he is considered one of the big players in the European market, but personally I am not happy with the services I have tried with them.

I hope that with the agreement announced today they will get a better Cloud. Ideally they should offer Google Cloud quality at OVH prices.

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