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Canonical withdraws Intel updates on Tiger Lake

Canonical withdraws Intel updates on Tiger Lake


Canonical has withdrawn the Intel Microcode update that was released on November 11 for all supported versions of Ubuntu Linux. The update had problems launching some Intel Tiger Lake systems.

New security vulnerabilities affect all Linux systems running specific Intel processors. So on November 10, Intel released a new update for Intel Microcode on Linux systems. Updates have been released along with new versions of the Linux Kernel to address these new bugs. canonical - Canonical withdraws Intel updates for Tiger Lake

Canonical was fast enough to fix Intel Microcode packages on all supported versions of Ubuntu (Ubuntu 20.10, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 14.04 ESM).

Unfortunately, the Intel Microcode update caused problems for some processors in the Intel Tiger Lake family, so some systems could not start. So Canonical now uses the Intel Microcode update in the previous version only for the Tiger Lake family of processors.

The company has informed users that they can use the Kernel dis_ucode_ldr parameter in the boot menu to disable firmware loading in the event of a malfunction.

If you are using one of the supported versions of Ubuntu on a computer running an Intel Tiger Lake processor and have already installed yesterday's Intel Microcode update, it is recommended that you update the system again to the new Intel Microcode version already in the main repositories.

If you installed the Intel Microcode update yesterday and are having issues booting, you should use the kernel command line option above (dis_ucode_ldr) to prevent the firmware from loading with problems.

Then update your system from the terminal using the commands.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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