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Digital makeup from L'Oreal

Digital makeup from L'Oreal

Digital makeup filters from L'Oreal give you a digital glow for your online video calls in the coronavirus era.

signature face loreal - Digital makeup by L'Oreal

It seems that this pandemic will create new situations. Many people now work from home due to the ongoing global pandemic. This means that you no longer need to dress and especially women to do makeup for the office. All work is done with your pajamas, combed, with the pinch in the eye !!

Everything, until you have to start a video call. The cosmetics company L'Oreal relied on this and seeing sales plummet due to the pandemic, made Signature Faces, a completely digital product that will enhance your appearance on your next video call.

With the new augmented reality feature, you can "implement" up to three "themes" that include ten products each. According to the company, the filters will "break the boundaries of classic makeup to sign your digital look, with confidence and audacity" and "to achieve the impossible with one click". Each theme offers a selection of eye shadows, eyelashes, lipsticks and shades on the cheeks.

We do not know if the Signature Faces filters are good, since we have not tried them and in general the company L'Oreal is logical to glorify its home.

Virtual cosmetics, however, are an interesting idea, especially now that most of us do not go out or go to a physical office. Unsurprisingly, cosmetic brands will consider digitizing their products. And digital makeup comes with an edge over reality. It is much easier to remove. Just press the power button.

However, this is not the company's first attempt at virtual products. In partnership with Facebook, L'Oreal has allowed users to try makeup almost directly from the comfort of your own home. This was done thanks to AI ModiFace a few years ago.

The Signature Faces is compatible with Snap, Snapchat, Instagram, Google Duo.

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