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SoundBeamer 1.0: a standard speaker that only you can hear

SoundBeamer 1.0: a standard speaker that only you can hear

SoundBeamer 1.0 is a technology from Noveto Systems that produces so focused sounds that while you can hear and your neighbor is completely quiet.

soundbeamer - SoundBeamer 1.0: a standard speaker that only you can hear

Headphones make it easy to listen to music without disturbing your family or coworkers. But what if you could enjoy music privately without wearing uncomfortable headphones? A new speaker called "SoundBeamer 1.0" from the Israeli company Noveto Systems, promises to offer you this perfect private listening experience, sending ultrasound to you so that only you can hear them.

Ultrasound is beyond the scope of human hearing, but when ultrasound waves from SoundBeamer come in contact with your head, they form an acoustic "sound pocket" (as reported in Noveto). This "sound pocket" gives you the feeling that you are listening to music from one speaker, but no one else can hear it.

Η Noveto Systems supports that SoundBeamer technology could compensate for headphones at work, at school or at home. However, the technology seems a bit strange. Although some claim that the music from SoundBeamer sounds "3-D", it may come as a bit of a surprise to some people. Even the CEO of Noveto Systems, Christophe Ramstein, thinks that the sound of SoundBeamer is strange, stating that "the brain does not understand what it does not know."

SoundBeamer should also monitor your ears, which can limit your mobility in certain environments. It may be more convenient to stick with headphones if there is no clear path between the SoundBeamer and your ears. One of the remarkable advantages of this technology is that you can listen to your surroundings while listening to music, something that can only be achieved with small and portable bone conduction headphones.

Noveto has been presenting this technology for two years at CES 2018, but now it looks like it is ready to launch it and a "smaller, sexier" version of the original SoundBeamer 1.0 speaker is available by Christmas. of 2021.

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