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Resource Hacker resource processing application

Resource Hacker resource processing application

Resource Hacker ™ is a resource editor for Windows 32 and 64bit applications. It is a resource compiler (resource compiler for * .rc files), but also a decoder - allowing you to view and edit resources in executables (* .exe, * .dll, * .scr, etc.)

It can also compile in resource libraries (* .res, * .mui). rh dlg edit - Resource Hacker resource processing application

Although Resource Hacker is primarily a GUI application, it also provides many options for collecting and decompressing resources from the command line.


The compile can be started either by opening an existing resource script file, or by creating one from scratch using the Resource Hacker editor.

A complete list of Resource-Definition Statements you can find here.

View and edit resources:

Once a resource file is opened, resources are generally displayed as an image (or group of images) or as disassembled text. Binary resources, usually images, cannot be edited directly with the Resource Hacker, but can be easily exported and imported once modified by an external image editor.

More information at official webpage.

Download version 5.1.8:

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