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Distance learning: New alalum with Webex

Distance learning: New alalum with Webex

One step forward and two steps back seems to be moving forward with distressing distance learning. A new alalum occurred today due to an upgrade of the Webex service.

computer anger frustration - Distance learning: New alalum with Webex

Second week and the problems hold up well. Today, Monday 16 November, thousands of children across the country were unable to connect to their school as the system refused to give them access.

Why; Because late last night on Sunday it was decided to change the url of access to the Webex platform !!.

According to the students, the system does not recognize their access data, obviously because it has not been updated with the new data. The result is another day of suffering for many students.

The information from the Ministry about the impending change reached the students at midnight on Sunday, early Monday morning with the following message:

"Dear guardians

We would like to inform you that the "WebEx Conference for Teachers" service has been further upgraded. The link of the teachers' e-classroom has changed and it concerns the addition of the digit "2" after the word "secondary" in the link of the electronic classroom of each teacher. Example: For the username, the existing link https://minedu-secondary.webex.com/meet/username will change to https://minedu-secondary2.webex.com/meet/username ".

webex 1 - Distance learning: New alalum with Webex

The problem is nationwide and the information so far is that efforts are being made to resolve it as soon as possible.

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