Microsoft Pluton a processor for security only

Microsoft he said Pluton, an upcoming chip that differs from the main CPU and will be available on future Windows 10 PCs.

The Microsoft Pluton processor is designed to improve protection against physical attacks and prevent intruders from stealing user credentials and malicious encryption keys. The chip will help systems recover from software errors.Microsoft Pluton - Microsoft Pluton a processor for security only

Essentially, the Pluton chip is a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that will be isolated from the rest of the system to protect the encryption keys from attacks during attacks aimed at the CPU.

Microsoft promises that Pluton will make it easier to update the firmware of the system, for example, in cases where TPM firmware is required for separate security processors.Chip to cloud security - Microsoft Pluton a security-only processor

In the case of Intel, the Pluton processor will be available with future chips but will be isolated from their cores. However, there is currently no exact timetable for the appearance of the first Intel chips to feature the Pluton security processor.

Pluton will be integrated into the Windows Update process on computers running Windows 10, according to Microsoft. It will therefore receive firmware and end-to-end security updates that will be developed, maintained and updated by Microsoft.

Firmware updates will follow the same procedure used by Azure Sphere Security Service to connect to IoT devices.

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