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Zoom more security options

Zoom more security options

The Zoom announced today the release of new security enhancements designed to help meeting hosts block zoombombing attempts and participants report misbehaving users.

Zoom software has become an extremely popular way to keep in touch with family and friends since the onset of the pandemic. The company reports that in April its platform reached 300 million daily users.zoom sec - Zoom more security options

Zoombombing occurs when unauthorized third parties join Zoom meetings in order to interrupt current sessions and harass participants.

The first new security feature added by Zoom was called 'Suspend Participant Activities' and is enabled by default for all users of the application. Allows hosts and co-hosts to pause meetings to quickly remove any annoying participants.

The second feature is called 'Report by Participants', and allows meeting participants to report zoombombing trolls by clicking on the Security tab at the top left of the application window.

Although not enabled by default, "Participant Reporting" can be enabled by administrators and account holders from the web application settings.

The new security enhancements are readily available to all Zoom users on MacOS, Windows, Linux desktops and mobile applications.

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