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Google Maps with COVID-19 indicators in real time

Google Maps with COVID-19 indicators in real time

Google has announced that it will develop additional features in the Google Maps service designed to help travelers stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 incidents and occupant occupancy on public transportation

With the update with the addition of Google Maps COVID to Android and iOS, travelers will be able to see incidents in an area, along with links to COVID-19 resources from local authorities.Covid Layer V2.max 1000x1000 1 - Google Maps with COVID-19 indicators in real time

"This is especially convenient if you are out of town and need to be informed of local directions, test sites and restrictions," said Google Maps VP Dane Glasgow in a statement. Publication.

The COVID update on Google Maps will also include real-time MMM capacity details so passengers traveling by bus, train or subway can know if there is room to keep a physical distance from others while traveling.

According to Glasgow, the new feature, which will be available worldwide on Android and iOS devices, will be based on comments made by Google Map users in real time.

This feature seems to be based on features introduced in June and informing travelers about whether their trip will be affected by any restrictions due to COVID-19, such as the requirement to wear a mask on public transport, as well as the crowds that exist in a station at a specific time.

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