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Microsoft Edge new Fluent Design icons

Microsoft Edge new Fluent Design icons

A few days ago, some Edge Insiders started seeing new round icons in Microsoft Edge, such as menu icons, settings, and other UI elements.

Microsoft announced today that it is gradually releasing new icons supported by the latest version of the Fluent Design language.

Microsoft says there will be two phases of updating the new iconography on the Edge. This first phase will cover the icons in controls such as tabs, address bar, and navigation icons. Edge New Icons 1 - Microsoft Edge New Icons Fluent Design

The second will include developer tools and the experience of extensions.

According to Microsoft, the Edge icons have not been updated since 2014 and follow Microsoft Design Language 2 (MDL2). The new icons are created according to Fluent Design guidelines from 2020.
Edge New Icons 2 - Microsoft Edge New Icons Fluent Design

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