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Update Cisco Webex Meetings immediately

Update Cisco Webex Meetings immediately

Cisco today fixed three security vulnerabilities in Webex Meetings that allowed unauthorized remote intruders to participate in meetings as ghost participants.

Cisco Webex is an online conference and video conferencing software that can be used to schedule and schedule meetings. Provides users with presentation, screen sharing and recording capabilities.Cisco Webex Meeting - Update Cisco Webex Meetings Instantly

Cisco's remote conference platform saw a 451% increase in usage over four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and hosts about 4 million meetings a day for its 324 million users at its peak.

Malicious users who exploited fixed security vulnerabilities could become "ghost" users and could participate in an undetected meeting, IBM researchers have discovered while analyzing Cisco Collaboration Tool for vulnerabilities.

"Ghost" users are participants in a meeting that are not visible in the list of users and have not been invited to the meeting, but can listen, talk and share in the meeting.

The three errors also allowed attackers to remain in the Webex meeting and maintain a two-way audio connection even after being removed by administrators who had access to Webex users' information, such as email addresses and IP addresses from the meeting room. .

IBM researchers made the following errors that allowed the attackers to:

  • Participate in a Webex meeting as "Ghost" without appearing on the attendee list with full access to audio, video, chat and screen sharing features (CVE-2020-3419)
  • Stay in a Webex meeting as a "Ghost" even if they are expelled from it, maintaining the audio connection (CVE-2020-3471)
  • Access meeting meeting information - full names, email addresses and IP addresses even without being accepted into the call (CVE-2020-3441)

Cisco recommends that users immediately update to the latest version of Webex to secure meetings from intruders trying to exploit these vulnerabilities.

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