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Download a recovery image directly from OEM

Download a recovery image directly from OEM

For some Windows problems, a clean install is the fastest solution. If your hard drive is completely damaged and you do not have a backup image, it is the only solution.

Completing this task with the latest version of Windows 10 is easy, thanks to Media Creation Tool.recovery - Download a recovery image directly from the OEM

But after completing this clean install, it remains to find and update any drivers and utilities that were specific to this device.

The solution;

Download a recovery image for your device directly from OEM. This image is usually up-to-date and includes everything you need to locate and install manually.

Of course you can create your own computer recovery image and the best time is when your computer is working properly. Create a bootable image, save it to a safe place so you can get back to work quickly in case of a serious problem.

To use a recovery image, boot from the installation media, select Troubleshooting from the Windows recovery environment, and then select Drive Recovery. After some initial instructions, the process is completely automatic.

But let's see where you can find a recovery image for your device directly from OEM


Start from this page: How to Download and Use the Dell OS Image Recovery in Microsoft Windows. After reading the instructions, download the Dell OS Recovery Tool (Windows only) and run it from an account with administrator privileges. Note that the Dell tool will also create a recovery image for devices that were originally sold with older versions of Windows or with Linux pre-installed.


For HP Business PCs sold with Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) or Windows 7 Professional, you can use a Windows desktop utility called HP Cloud Recovery Download Tool. Check the list of supported devices first. If your model is supported, download and run the Cloud Recovery Client, enter the serial number and model number, and follow the instructions to create a bootable flash drive for a recovery image.

For HP computers (2018 or later only), use HP Cloud Recovery Tool. This application is available from Microsoft Store and can automatically detect the serial number of your device. If you create a recovery image for a device other than the one you are working with, you can manually enter this information.


Lenovo offers digital downloads for Windows 10 THINK systems and selected Ideapad systems. For older devices (2014 and later) that were originally sold with Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 Professional, Lenovo will offer boot media within 4-5 business days. For full details, see the page The Windows Recovery Media Systems Program.

If your system has a Lenovo OneKey Recovery partition, you may be able to create a recovery image manually. For instructions, read the page How can I create Recovery Media, or order from Lenovo.


Recovery images for all Microsoft Surface devices are available here: Download a recovery image for your Surface. Sign in to a Microsoft account if your device is registered to this account, or follow the links at the bottom of the page to enter the model number and serial number.

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