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Facebook Messenger bug allowed Android users to spy on each other

Facebook Messenger bug allowed Android users to spy on each other

Facebook has fixed a critical bug in the Facebook Messenger messaging app for Android, which allowed callers to listen to other users' environment without permission, before the caller accepted the call !!.

facebook messenger - Facebook Messenger error allowed Android users to spy on each other

Facebook Messenger for Android has been installed on more than 1 billion Android devices, according to official Play Store page of the application.

Intruders could have exploited this error by sending a special type of message known as SdpUpdate, which would cause the call to be connected to the caller's device before it was answered.

Such as explains Natalie Silvanovich"If this message is sent to the caller's device, it will start transmitting audio immediately while it is still ringing, which could allow an attacker to monitor the caller 's environment."

Normally, the recipient of the call does not transmit audio until it agrees to accept the call, which is implemented when it clicks the accept button. Now if all this time someone was calling you a little more persistently than normal, you should probably suspect it. Especially if it was your other half.

Silvanovich found the issue in Facebook Messenger version for Android last month. To take advantage of this issue, an intruder should already have the right to call that person by bypassing certain eligibility checks (eg being Facebook friends). He should also be aware of using reverse engineering tools to operate his own Messenger application to force it to send a custom message.

The Facebook awarded to Silvanovich a $ 60.000 donation to find and reveal this Messenger bug for Android.

This year alone, Facebook reports that more than $ 1,98 million was given to researchers from more than 50 countries who reported more than 1.000 vulnerabilities.

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