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GTmetrix now uses Lighthouse

GTmetrix now uses Lighthouse

GTmetrix has changed! Website changes bring test servers to new sites, PRO packages (paid) and replaces older PageSpeed ​​/ YSlow services with its metrics Google Lighthouse, a state-of-the-art industry standard for web performance.

With Lighthouse as a base, he created a new algorithm for scoring GTmetrix.

So the reports have been redesigned to accommodate new Lighthouse data, new tabs, illustrations and additional information have been added.Screenshot 2020 11 21 08 52 06 - GTmetrix now uses Lighthouse

Finally, as of today, new GTmetrix PRO packages are available for users and businesses.

Why change to Lighthouse?

While the libraries of previous PageSpeed ​​and YSlow templates served well in the past, they only focused on one specific aspect of performance: the front-end structure of your page.

Before, PageSpeed ​​and YSlow helped you build a fast website, and the results showed how well you followed these best practices.

For the most part, these results and scores corresponded to the actual performance of the page, but not always.

AApagespeedyslow slowflt - GTmetrix now uses Lighthouse

PageSpeed ​​/ YSlow focused on how well your page was created, not how fast it loaded for your users.

Fully Loaded Time showed you how long it took for your page to fully load, but with modern sites taking advantage of customer performance, Fully Loaded Time became less useful.

Screenshot 2020 11 21 08 52 38 - GTmetrix now uses Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open source tool from Google that provides a way to rate websites in a variety of ways. It is considered the modern standard in web performance measurements and as of today it exists in GTmetrix.

Visit the page to see the remarkable changes.

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