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Microsoft has removed 5 malicious Edge extensions

Microsoft has removed 5 malicious Edge extensions

Microsoft removed five malicious Edge extensions from its web store because they featured ads in Google and Bing search results. Malicious extensions were considered legitimate applications, but they served ads without the user's permission.

edge addons - Microsoft removed 5 malicious Edge extensions

The five extensions (NordVPN, Adguard VPN, TunnelBear VPN, The Great Suspender and Floating Player) - found in the Edge add-on store with exactly the same name as the add-ons in the Chrome web store.

Most had not noticed that these were fake extensions and the majority had not given negative reviews. But some affected users left negative reviews in the Edge store and there were others who contacted the community on Reddit to ask for help.

The problem was first reported last week, but this week it started appearing in more and more users who noticed suspicious ads in search results. The reports were detected by a Microsoft Edge technician who removed the add-ons from the store.

The developer reports

"If you were using any of these extensions installed from the Microsoft Edge Addon Store, we recommend removing them from the edge: // extensions," the developer wrote.

As mentioned above, Microsoft has already removed the extensions from the store and the Edge browser will display a warning if the extensions are active on your system.

Of course Microsoft should not let such extensions go through the approval process it uses in its Store. But the problem is common with the Chrome Store which is also full of fake extensions.

When installing any extensions from any store, you should carefully check the publisher name, extension privacy policy, reviews, and make sure your browser is up to date. A very good practice is also the one I follow: I avoid unnecessary extensions.

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  • "A very good practice is also the one I follow: I avoid unnecessary extensions."
    The best practice, apart from an ad blocker if it serves us, let us take the trouble to activate it only when we need it.

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