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12 extremely useful Gmail settings

12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Make Gmail more efficient than ever with these advanced settings and customizations that you probably do not know about but definitely need.

gmail - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Gmail is a "misunderstood" web application, as most users just log in and don't bother with it at all, except to see their emails. But Gmail hides a huge variety of settings, many of which are underrated or completely unknown even to the most "wanted" users.

The huge range of settings also involves their differentiation depending on the medium of use. Some of the Gmail settings are only available on the Gmail Web site. Others are only in mobile applications or sometimes only in mobile applications on a specific platform !!

If you want to take advantage of all that Gmail has to offer, you need to do a recurring search in its settings, especially since the feature list is evolving quite often.

In this article we have selected a dozen of the most useful and least visible Gmail settings. Settings that we at iguru use and consider to be perhaps some of the service's best buried treasures. Let's go see them.

The default editing window for a new Gmail email is a small box in the lower right corner of the screen. This can look quite discreet and beautiful if you want to have your inbox in the foreground. But it can also be distracting when you really want to focus on what you are writing.

The solution is to press the two diagonal arrows at the top right of the email editor window and the window will automatically enlarge. But the large window will only appear for that email. In the next you will have to do the same process again.

If you prefer to always have a fuller screen when writing an email, then start a new message on the Gmail site, then click the three-dot icon in the lower-right corner of the message. See the option called “Default for full screen”And click on it. Then close this message, start another new message and you will see the difference…

gmail 1 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

The Gmail authoring window will now always open at the front, in the center of your screen, and as large as your current browser window allows. And if you ever want to shrink it again to this smaller setting, you can simply click on the icon with two arrows pointing inwards in the upper right corner of the window.

Have you noticed that when you do a task with an incoming email, for example as soon as you archive or delete it Gmail automatically takes you to your inbox?

If you prefer to constantly check your messages in the specific folder you are in, then this back-and-forth process is very tedious. The solution is in the setting "Automatic resume“. If you enable it then you will be automatically redirected to the next email in the folder you are in (or to the previous email if you prefer) as soon as you archive or delete a conversation, instead of going back to your inbox as usual.

In the desktop version of Gmail, go to Settings by clicking the gear on the top right and then click on "View All Settings". Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "Enable Auto Resume".

gmail 2 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Once the site reloads, you'll need to go back to your Gmail settings and look for the recently populated Auto Resume area on the General tab to configure exactly how the option works.

There you have three options:
After archiving, deletion, mute, etc. of a conversation:
1. Go to the next (newer) conversation
2. Go to the previous (older) conversation
3. Return to the thread list

On Android, there is a separate, standalone option in the "General Settings" section of the Gmail app settings. Unfortunately, there is no such option in iOS.

Speaking of reading, one of the simplest and most useful Gmail settings you can change is "Maximum page size”On the General tab of the Gmail site settings.

By default, Gmail displays just 50 email conversations on each page and requires you to click on the next page to see more messages. Perhaps such an arrangement made sense in the old days of the internet, when connections were small and slow. Today, however, all this extra click is more than just a hassle.

gmail 3 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

So save a few clicks by changing this setting from 50 to 100. Just be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen when you're done to apply the change.

If you use the Gmail tabbed inbox display, one where your messages are categorized into categories like Social, Bids, Forums, and Updates, you may have noticed a strange Gmail habit on the front of your phone. For some reason, in mobile apps only, Gmail rearranges messages on the Bids tab to place what it considers to be the "highest value" at the top.

You will understand better if you compare how the emails appear in the "Offers" tab on a mobile phone and how on a desktop computer.

In practice, this means that messages in this category do not appear in chronological order, for no apparent reason behind the sequence. And you often end up seeing messages from earlier days at the top, with more recent messages below them. On our phone we saw messages from November 17 while today we have November 22 !!

You can turn off this behavior and reset the timeline in your inbox by changing a deeply buried setting in Gmail mobile apps. On Android, open the app settings, tap your account name, then tap "Inbox Categories" and look for "Enable message grouping at the top”At the bottom of the screen that appears. Just pre-select it. In iOS, the same option is one step higher, in the settings screen that appears as soon as you tap your account name.

Ο mission scheduling is one of our favorite features of Gmail, but it is also one of the most confusing in terms of settings. The reason: You can actually customize the default times for postponing emails sent to Gmail, that is, the specific morning, afternoon, and evening times, which are displayed by default when you request to schedule your shipment. The setting to make this customization is not in Gmail !!.

Instead, it's actually on Google Keep. Sounds a little crazy but try it: Go to Keep website, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select "Settings" (or open the corresponding section in the Keep mobile app) and look for "Reminders Defaults" in the panel that appears.

gmail 4 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Set the prices for the morning, afternoon and evening to what suits you, then click "Save" on the site or if you are on your mobile just return from the menu.

Once done, go back to Gmail and request shipping scheduling and you will definitely see the new custom hours appear in the default suggested options.

You may be wondering why it works this way. Why aren't the settings separate and available in Gmail as well? There is only one answer: Sometimes, Google has to be Google.

If you do not separate your inboxes into different tabs and just archive them so that you do not have them in front of you, then Gmail has a spectacular saving of steps and clicks that allows you to perform two actions at the same time, reply to the sender and then archive it. email, with a move to your computer. All you have to do is turn it on.

Just check out the General Settings section of the Gmail site until you see the option “Shipping and archiving“. Change the setting to “Appearance of the "Send and Archive" button in the answer- which is not enabled by default - and once you save your changes, you will see a new blue button next to the normal Send button that lets you send and archive, one step at a time each time you reply to a message.

gmail 5 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

And a bonus tip: Once this button is visible, you can also press Ctrl (or Cmd) and Enter together to activate the same action without the need for work.

We all receive both personal messages and bulk mail. And while both can be perfectly legal and valuable, messages written just for you, and not for many recipients, are probably the ones that require immediate attention.

Gmail can help you sort personalized messages from all your mail. Just locate the option “Personal level indications”In the General tab of the site settings for desktops.

gmail 6 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Change the setting to "Display" and you will start to see single arrows next to messages sent to both your address and others (not in mailing list) and double arrows next to messages sent only to you, with no other recipients involved .

It doesn't take much to get past Gmail tags - and chances are, no matter how many tags you've created over the years, there's only one handful that you interact with on a regular basis.

You can make your life easier by hiding labels you don't use often and leaving only the ones you really need to see. Start your cleanup by clicking the Tags tab in the Gmail site settings.

gmail 9 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

There, you'll see a list of all your available tags, along with the ability to set any tag as hidden in both the "Tag List" (the extended tag list that appears at the top of the Gmail sidebar) and the Message List ”(Which is the list of tag options that appears each time you use the command to add a tag to a single message).

You can keep rarely accessible labels invisible to give yourself a less crowded and more efficient workspace. Hiding anything you do not have frequent access to will stop wasting time looking for unnecessary things.

Gmail has one An extremely useful feature called Undo Shipping which allows you to pull back a message after sending it, in case you suddenly realize that you said something wrong or accidentally included an inappropriate attachment. By default, however, Undo Shipping gives you five seconds to make this call - which is not easy at all.

gmail 7 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Take two seconds to find the "Undo Shipping" option in the General section of Gmail desktop settings, and you can increase the cache from five seconds to a full 30. These 25 seconds can save your life one day, especially if you get confused. and send a message to the wrong person.

This handy Shipping Undo option is not available in Gmail for mobile for some unknown reason, but you can create an almost similar safety net by enabling the confirmation settings of the service - at least if you use Android. (Sorry iPhone friends!)

In the Gmail Android app, tap the three-line menu icon in the upper-left corner of the main Inbox screen, then select "Settings" and then "General Settings" and scroll to the bottom of the screen. There, you will find three options in addition to the default: "Confirm before deleting", "Confirm before archiving" and "Confirmation before shipment".

Check the box next to the last one - and whoever else you think will serve you - and from now on, you will always receive an emerging shipping confirmation, to give yourself a second chance before the disaster.

As we work on Gmail for mobile, think about what you do most often in your messages (either archiving, deleting, or marking as read, etc.), and then set your app's slider shortcuts to reflect these priorities.

For example, you might want to swipe left any message in your inbox to postpone the email and swipe right to archive. Or you may prefer to swipe left to toggle a message between read and unread and swipe right to delete it. Whatever the case, these gestures may represent the commands that would be most convenient for you if you take the time to adjust them appropriately.

In the Gmail Android app, look for the option “Slip actions”In the“ General settings ”section of the application settings. On iOS, you'll find the same set of options directly in the app's main settings menu. Whatever phone you have, in this setting you can press the word CHANGE to select any action you want, both for the left and for the right slide.

For those who are not interested in slipping at all and instead bother to browse, you can simply choose not to do anything.

Last but not least, it is a feature of Gmail that you may prefer to eliminate, and it is the service's habit to prompt you to reply to or track emails.

This habit may be helpful to some of you, but if you are organized enough on your own to know what to do and if you need to respond, this may be more annoying than beneficial.

Fortunately for those who do not want it, it is easy to turn off. You'll find two related options in the General tab of the Gmail site settings.

gmail 8 - 12 extremely useful Gmail settings

Look for Shakes and there is the "Suggest replies" related to "emails you may have forgotten to reply to" and the "suggestion messages to follow" related to "emails you may need to follow".

Turn off both to calm them down.

View in this article and some great Gmail tricks that have to do with the capabilities of your email address.

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