2022 Aaron Swartz Day and Hackathon

This weekend, the EFF Is celebrating the life and work of developer, activist and entrepreneur Aaron Swartz by participating in the 2022 Aaron Swartz Day and Hackathon.

This year, the event will be held at the Internet Archive in San Francisco on November 12th and November 13th.


Aaron Swartz he was a champion of digital rights and was trying hard to keep the internet open. His life was cut short in 2013 when federal prosecutors charged him under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) for systematically downloading academic journal articles from the JSTOR online database. Faced with the prospect of a long and unfair sentence, Aaron committed suicide at the age of 26….

Those interested in working on projects in Aaron's honor can contribute to the annual hackathon, which this year includes several projects: SecureDrop, Bad Apple, the Disability Technology Project (Sat. only), and the EFF's Atlas of Surveillance. In addition to the hackathon in San Francisco, there will also be concurrent hackathons in Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. For more information about the hackathon and a full list of speakers, see the official page 2022 Aaron Swartz Day and Hackathon.

This year's speakers include Chelsea Manning and Cory Doctorow, as well as Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle, EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn, and Creative Commons co-founder Lisa Rein.


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