22.25 Terabyte per second, new world speed record

178 terabits per second: Imagine being able to download your entire Netflix library in less than a second.

We will not see such connections on the market any time soon, but it is a record for the fastest internet speed in the world. That is 178.000.000 megabits per second or 178 terabits per second, or 22.25 Terabytes.

The fastest speed available to consumers is today 10Gbps In Japan. Even the connection developed by the United States Energy Science Network reaches 400Gbps.

KDDI Research engineers from University College London have developed new technologies to pass more data through the existing fiber optic installation. The largest size of the current infrastructure reached 4,5THz, while some new technologies increased it to 9THz. This new system mentioned above raises at 16,8THz.

The wider bandwidth is a result of the new Geometric Shaping (GS). In order to fit more information without interference, these signal combination patterns change the brightness, phase and polarization of the wavelengths. The hybrid system is the result of different combinations of existing amplification technologies.

The installation uses existing fiber optic tuning, and integrating this new technology would be relatively easier and cheaper than other experimental research in this area. The only thing that would work was to upgrade the amplifiers, not to replace the cables.

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