27 "WQHD screen from AOC

With analysis WQHD in 2560 1440 pixels x and extremely short response time 1 ms, the screen AOC Q2778VQE 68,6 (27) is ideal for fast gaming and movies in detail. In addition, they benefit greatly from the eye-catching screen size and professional users, for example when working on multi-window composite applications or high-resolution images.

Super-smooth image in 2560 x 1440 resolution: AOC Q2778VQE with 1 ms response time

Sharpness, speed, size

The specialized AOC monitor company introduces the new WQHD AOC Q2778VQ display with 68,6 (27) TN panel and aspect ratio 16: 9, wide viewing angles (170 ° horizontal / 160 ° vertically) and resolution at 2560 x 1440 pixels. With these features, we can enjoy electronic games with richer detail than on ordinary Full HD screens. In addition, entertainment users benefit from the exceptionally short response time of just 1 ms, which limits ghosting phenomena. So gamers and film enthusiasts can enjoy clear and crisp images even during fast-moving and action-packed scenes. The ultra-fast DisplayPort of the screen is an ideal choice for transmitting high resolution content in a very smooth way.

At the same time, professional users with AOC Q2778VQE can upgrade their productivity. The large number of pixels allows simultaneous viewing of different applications, making multitasking much easier. Thanks to the large screen of 68,6 centimeters (27 "), each content appears large enough to be recognized without any problems. In addition, the higher resolution also benefits individual applications such as graphics programs.

Photographers, for example, can animate their photos in incredible detail and easily fix small details without having to magnify the image, as is usually the case with lower resolution screens. The high brightness of 350 cd / m² makes the photos look even better.

Flexible and efficient

To have a variety of options for users to connect different image sources, the AOC Q2778VQE display has DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and D-Sub connectors. So linking an electronic gaming console or multiple computers at once is not a problem.

The high performance and the versatility of the screen are not at the expense of sustainable growth. Instead, the AOC Q2778VQE features clever energy-saving features such as Eco Mode and e-Saver. In addition, the screen complies with strict EnergyStar 6.0 and TCO 6.0 regulations. Finally, as with all its displays, the AOC offers 3 years of warranty with on-site replacement service.

The AOC Q2778VQE is already available with a retail price of € 399.

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