2o Social Media World Conference 2013

  • Social Media has a prominent place in our daily lives, and tends to be the main means of expression and communication for large groups of people, displacing even this - the so far all-powerful - voice communication.

    And if we used to say jokingly "you're in Social Media or you're not there," we're talking about it now! Why is it a rule for every business and for every business activity to have a presence where its prospective customers frequent.

    So one by one, large social networks offer corporate presence and corporate exposure at the same time that more and more companies are investing in building their image on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Twitter ...

    Given that social media shapes to a large extent other than on-line and off-line branding, a new marketing field is created, where the first role belongs right to the consumers themselves and the profile they shape online and share with friends and known.


    Α little less conversation, a little more action!  

    The traditional word-of-mouth, the spread of a word-of-mouth reputation, is rapidly changing in the world of net, a world affiliated with proposing brands and creating trends, testing and telling its opinion about products and affecting online the company positively or negatively, openly portrays his needs and is the ambassador of his beloved company, protests openly for bad customer service and misleading advertising at the same time as rewarding the smart campaign and the good partner.

    In this new field, not only the text and the image, the traditional tools of marketing and communication, but also other technological tools that have invested more dynamically and creating new opportunities for companies and organizations looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the "noise" caused by the dense and intense competition.

    Inspired campaigns, interactive dialogue, promotions, communication, now stand on apps, tabs, microsites, etc. and come to win the heart of the consumer, claim a share of their purchases, make the brand more widely and more recognizable, not just on the desktop, but also on the laptop, tablet, smartphone. Even the "traditional" e-commerce is gradually turning into social commerce, the market is where the customers are.

    New trends in Greece and Europe? Investing in social readiness of companies, creating social intranets, gradual training and promotion of company employees in brand ambassadors, B2B social media marketing and more. And, of course, big data, the next task now for business is to manage and analyze the enormous amount of data generated by its social media activity to produce not only marketing policies and sales opportunities but also strategic thinking and direction for business .

    Target Audience

    The conference is addressed to professionals and businesses in Greece who accept, provide, utilize or think to use marketing services with social media tools and techniques, from almost all industries such as: Industry, Manufacturing, Commerce, Tourism, Hospitality, Transportation, Banking, Telecommunications, Electronics, Information Technology, Internet, View.

    Its work will be attended by senior and senior corporate executives, company managers, professionals and students with professional specialization and field of work in: Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Customer Service, e-Commerce, Online & Direct marketing, Sales, CRM, SW & Web Development, Graphic Design, Advertising.

    Social media, life and marketing

    What are social media today? What is the profile of a social media specialist, the representative of a brand, a simple socially engaged person? Where do they look and where do they differ? In the first session of the conference, social media marketing specialists and power users take the step and present their own perspective on the position social media today as a tool for communication and social awareness but also for the visibility of businesses, dominate the market, present the landscape of social media in Greece for products and services.

    Social is personal (meet the people, meet the market)!

    In today's reality, brands are re-acquainted with people or managers - those who manage the product, those who manage their communication and those who shape their course in the market, fans, the "well-known" social media. Everything is "sweetened" in the second session of the conference and presents the market as it is shaped and changed daily, through recipes, techniques, case studies and natural technologies that have impressed or impressed. Why back and around social media there are people and our presence there, it's finally something personal.

    The secret is not only to link supply to demand but to coincide in the right place and time.

    Technology and Big "Social" Data

    Very few are still people who believe that social media today is simply a means of exchange of views, an open forum of ideas. Marketing Science today declares that "everything is measured" using the right technology. And from the time they are measured, they create many different profiles available to companies to adapt not just their strategy but also their promotional and advertising policies. Both B2B and B2C. In the third session of the conference, we are talking with marketing and IT specialists on this huge machine, in which each of us voluntarily introduces and delivers personal information, important and insignificant, about products we like, places we like to go , things we like to do and more.

    Social media beyond day-to-day business

    In the last section, we are talking about new practices, innovations and, in general, trends in social media, marketing and communication over the next decade. For new knowledge, skills, qualifications and certifications that must be developed or acquired by employees and employers, the use of the tool as a method of organizing and promoting new activities and professions. Of course, their place in the debate also has the negative phenomena that inevitably exist in our everyday life. Speech manipulation, cyber bullying, cybercrime, and theft of personal data, occupy and aggressively expand their own space. Tactics and techniques to deal with them, whether simple or complex, do not differ much from those in the real world. It's just a matter of consciousness.

    Participation Statements




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