Call Waiting for 3,3 phone call conversations

With a single warrant approved by 2016 as part of a drug survey of federal US authorities not named, they tracked and recorded millions of phone calls.

The telephone watch command authorized an unknown US government service to run real-time 3,29 recordings of millions of mobile phone conversations over a two-month period during 2016, following an application at the end of 2015.Warrant

The warrant was signed to help the authorities attend 26 people suspected of drug trafficking in Pennsylvania.

The final amount spent on phone calls reached 335.000 dollars and led to twelve arrests.

However, none of the arrestees were convicted. The revelation was buried in the US court's annual report, published earlier this week.

"The federal wiretapping occurred during a drug investigation in the Middle District of Pennsylvania and resulted in the monitoring of 3.292.385 telephone conversations or messages over a 60-day period," the report said.

The details of the case remain unknown.

But the above news makes it clear that telephone tapping continues to exist and is carried out with great ease in mass using only one warrant.

What we learned from Snowden leaks;

Albert Gidari, a former privacy attorney who currently serves as a director at the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society, criticized the investigation.

"They spent a fortune watching 26 people, they recorded three million conversations and obviously nothing came out," Gidari said.

"I would love to see the possible affidavit for this and I wonder what the court thought."

"I am not surprised by the results because, on average, a very low percentage of conversations lead to guilt and a very small percentage lead to a conviction," he added.

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