Microsoft released three new Windows 10 wallpapers

Microsoft has released three new wallpaper packages for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store. The themes are "Day P", an "African Safari" and "smiling Creatures".

To celebrate on March 14 the mathematical constant π (πι)? It is a collection of 8 different images for wallpaper with pies that have the fixed π painted on them. the approximate, absurd and circular… or you could eat some pie on March 14th. Do the math: these eight images are free for Windows 10 Themes.


20 animal images in Africa. Red cheetahs, giraffes in a foggy forest, zebras with sunset views and more.


Do you need a smile? Here you will find 16 smiling animals, from fish to a happy grasshopper.

As a reminder, after install the theme, you need to go to Start> Settings> Personalization> Themes and select the theme you want to display.

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