379 people have died since 2018 taking selfies

A study by a Spanish medical institute showed that from 2018, three hundred and seventy-nine people around the world died taking selfies. Deaths are on the rise.


The Spanish Medical Institution Fundación iO reveals that At least 379 people died while taking selfies between January 2008 and July 2021. The study appeared in the French newspaper Le Figaro, and in the Journal of Travel Medicine.

The study also shows that since the beginning of 2021 there have been 31 fatal accidents due to selfies, marking a clear upward trend. The scientists who conducted the study also show in detail that the majority of these deaths are due to falls (216 deaths out of 379). Other major causes of death are: means of transport (car accident, train accident, etc.) and drownings. Then come more unusual but no less dramatic accidents with related incidents firearms (24) and electric shocks, and incidents related to attacks by wild animals (17).

The study also notes that in one in three cases the person was traveling, confirming that large number of victims are τουρίστες. India ranks first with 100 deaths since 2008. It is followed by the United States (39) and Russia (33).

As explained by Christina Huesas (Cristina Juesas), one of the study's co-authors. The researcher also notes that young people are more exposed to the risk of accidents, with the average age of the victims being 24,4 years. Of all the victims, 41% are young people under 19 years old.

The researchers compiled this study by compiling all the facts published in the press or in press releases since 2008, effectively ruling out deaths that were not reported by the international media.

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