3D print boat smaller than a human hair

It is quite impressive how technology has been able to shrink certain objects in a decade. But it seems that it can still surprise. He made a 3D boat that is smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

Behind this achievement are physicists at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and their goal is to understand how microorganisms, such as bacteria, move through fluids.

Η Leiden team used one Nanoscribe 3D microprinter and a printing process referred to as 2PP (two photon polymerization). To put it simply, XNUMXD printing uses extremely precise lasers and a material that hardens almost immediately after printing.

Watch related video:

And while ship printing was a "fun" team game, they later developed more research-based objects. These objects can determine the velocity and path of various particles.

This discovery could potentially be a huge step forward for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. With XNUMXD printed objects so small and accurate, you can potentially create specific objects that mimic bacteria and other microorganisms and can move with the same movements.

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