3D Printed Camera

Photographer Paul Kohlhausen not being able to buy them all μηχανές που ονειρευόταν, έκανε κάτι ασυνήθιστο. Εκτύπωσε μία 3D φωτογραφική μηχανή προσδίδοντας της μερικά από τα αξιοσημείωτα χαρακτηριστικά των μηχανών των ονείρων του.


Ο Kolhausen created a fully functional 6 × 14 camera medium format, and without having any previous experience with CAD systems. Draw her according to what he knows as a professional photographer and printed it on a 3D printer, with a modular design, consisting of 8 separate pieces.

He named his camera PK-6142016, but it seems in the end prevailed the nickname of "The Mustard Cycloptic Monster".

The photographer combined some of the features of Mamiya 7, Hasselblad XPan and Leica M Series. At the front of the PK-6142016 he placed a Schneider Kreuznach 90 mm lens. The machine parts are 3D printed using SLS nylon using the 3D Hubs service.

Kolhausen's camera takes 6 × 14 photos in 120mm medium format film. It does not have a focusing mechanism, and it is always at infinity, αν τοποθετήσει κάποιος δακτυλίδια στην για να μετακινήσει το εστιακό επίπεδο πιο κοντά στο φακό.

Of course Colchusen aims to turn his creation into an affordable 6 × 14 medium format camera for the general public.

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