3D printed fingernails came out and look like a movie with aliens


Did you think that the weak sex will not show interest in new technologies? That women do anything new to computers and their peripherals; Error ! 3D False Nails are a reality. And we think they will love them !!!

But even if it is not very easy to buy a 3D printer, there are 3D printing services available, so you can place an order for little money if you find a virtual 3D model that you like.

This is what we thought when we saw the "nail art" created by  The Laser Girls , in collaboration with designers Sophie Kahn and Lucas Goossens.

These new nails will definitely add a whole new dimension to the concept of "manicure" and, why not, pedicure. 


The Laser Girls have created one Shapeways Shop where you can see - and order soon - the designs. You can also see the same designs at Instagram and Tumblr.

Of course, if you are conservative with your appearance, you may want to stay in the classic mano, or at most French. But if you love the ultra-modern and the unreal, then you are on the right track. There are different color combinations in the existing designs, but the range is expected to grow. On the other hand, if you manage to get an 3D printer at a moment then it will only stop the limit of your imagination.

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Sophie Kahn and Lucas Goossens have recently been admitted to the Art and Design Museum in New York where they explained how they use 3D printing.

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