Four ways to automate your home financially

The financial difficulties of our time require the financial management of our home, so that it consumes the fewer kilowatt-hours while at the same time offering comfort to its owner. In short, the modern home must be automated or if you want it to be a "smart house".

There are many ways to do it house you smart. The market has been running for years, smart home systems such as BEMS and the latest KNX. But besides requiring the re-installation of automation wiring throughout the house, it is also very expensive. smart-city home

Their promise that in the long run will depreciate the cost of the initial installation may be right, but as we have predicted the times are difficult and the possibility of an "investment" in the home economy is dissuasive. In our current article we will see some ways to make your home a little smarter without spending a lot of money.

The solutions below do not offer the ability to control your home from your smartphone, not even from the internet. But, it can certainly make your life easier.

1. Wireless remote-controlled sockets

socket-remote-control home
There are sockets on the market that can be controlled by your mobile phone but are considered too expensive. With only 10 euros you can find remote-controlled sockets that you can operate on / off via a remote control like your TV.

The range of the remote is usually the same as the one room. The only problem that you will encounter is their massive shell that covers the entire socket. However, if you can overlook this disadvantage and buy it, then you can turn on various electrical items without getting out of the couch.


2. Timers

chronodiakoptis house
If you want your lights to be switched on and off automatically at fixed times throughout the day then you need to buy a power timer. With prices starting from 3 Euros for engineers and from 8 Euros for electronics you can get a timer-plug.
What you can plug in depends on your imagination. From the cafeteria to have you in the morning, before you wake up, ready for coffee, until a lamp that randomly flashes in the random program and confuses the thieves that there is a presence of people in the house (while you will make your baths on an island ).


3. Door with motion detector

ntoui house
If you are bothered by the constant process of turning on the lights every time you enter a room and turn them off when you're out, then think seriously to buy a latch with a built-in motion sensor. With about 8 euros you can place it in mono-sized areas such as a bathroom, a storage room, bedroom, etc. You can also set how long you want the light to stay on after you leave the room.


4. Window and door sensors

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door_sensor house
An alarm system is always a precise case. It requires wiring, that is to say, dredges and meadows, and also expensive machinery. But you can know when someone comes or leaves the house with a cheap door sensor. These machines are stand-alone, cost 2 euros and emit a buzz noise, similar to what you hear in the shops.
You can also use them for windows to know if a window is open or not. There are glass breakage sensors, but you can also buy separately and such sensors. They are not as cheap (50 euros for a sensor), but one can cover an entire room with only one sensor.

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